Watch Out For Sesi Technologies: Says Baobab Insights

Last updated: February 3, 2021

Imagine it is 2050 and Africa has reached a population of 2.4 billion people as forecasted by the United Nations. What was expected to be a challenge for African governments, farmers and private stakeholders isn’t. There is abundant food to feed everyone and export even more. How did this happen? Most likely through precision agriculture.

According to the Baobab insights, there are currently 40 innovators in Africa’s precision agriculture market to look out for in 2021. These innovators are expected to make it possible for Africa to feed its population by the time it has reached 2.4 billion and Sesi Technologies was mentioned as one of them.

What is Precision Agriculture?

Precision agriculture is a scientific farm management practice that involves the use of technology to improve crop yield, reduce production time and increase the effectiveness of fertilizer use and other farm practices. The objective is to provide support to farmers to increase productivity in managing their businesses.

Precision Agriculture is done through collection of data (such as fertilizer inputs, soil type, irrigation practices and topography), observing and analyzing the data to come up with effective ways to improve sustainability and productivity.

The Baobab Insights

Baobab insights is a data and insights platform built by the BAOBAB NETWORK. The Baobab Network is one of Africa’s leading startup accelerators. The platform was built to provide data and insights covering Africa’s venture markets in technology trends, research investment transactions and high growth markets. This includes technology covering all areas including agriculture.

The report stated that the UN’s forecast of Africa reaching a population of 2.4 billion by 2050 presents an important challenge to governments, farmers and private stakeholders in Africa as demand for food will create an urgent need to increase farming productivity.

While changes in government policies will be essential in meeting this demand, precision agriculture will also have a significant role to play in providing food security. Tools like drone technology, IoT and production methods like vertical farming will also contribute significantly to increased production.

The 40 innovators mentioned were found to be using these tools in diverse ways to support agricultural activities in their various regions in order to increase yield and solve other agricultural challenges.

Aside from helping to ensure food security, precision agriculture will also offer a commercially viable business model for investors. In 2020 investment reaching 29.5 million dollars in grants, venture capital and prize was pumped into the sector.

Finally, the report mentioned that the precision agriculture sector in Africa will scale quickly, hence the need to keep an eye out for the sector in 2021 as it continues to respond to the growing demand for agricultural solutions.

Why we are excited

Being a part of the Baobab Insights list of 40 innovators puts Sesi Technologies out there and gives us a platform to be more recognized for the efforts we are putting in daily to solve the issue of post-harvest loss in grains. One of the many agricultural challenges facing Grain farmers in Africa.

It also challenges us to do more to help attain food security in achieving SDG 2: Zero Hunger.

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