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GrainMate app gives grain farmers, traders and agribusinesses the digital tools they need to discover new markets, reduce losses and maximize productivity.

Supercharge Your Agribusiness With Technology

Technology can help you do more and go further. The GrainMate packs the tools you need in one app to help you take your agribusiness to the next level. Here’s what you get with the GrainMate app

Keep Track of Grain Moisture Content

Have a GrainMate Moisture Meter? Easily record the moisture readings from your meter. Keep track of the moisture content in your own grains or grains from your suppliers.

Sell Your Grains Faster or Find Suppliers

Have grains to sell? List your grains on the grain market and reach potential buyers. Looking for grains to buy? Find and source grains from suppliers.

Learn About Post-harvest Management

Access dozens of carefully crafted resources to help your team adopt the best post-harvest practices to reduce losses so you can maximize your profits.

Manage your Devices

Register all your GrainMate devices and manage them from one place.

Find Distributors

Locate the nearest distributors of GrainMate products.

Quick Customer Service

Access quick and efficient customer service from our support team.

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