Creating Lasting Prosperity for Smallholder Farmers through Innovative Product Bundles

By bundling essential post-harvest technologies, technology-enabled services and guaranteed market access, FarmerPack is creating lasting prosperity for smallholder farmers in Ghana

A complete post-harvest management solution

Post-harvest losses occur at different points of the value chain. No single product or service can solve the problem and provide lasting value farmers need to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Our FarmerPack model combines several post-harvest management products and services with access to premium markets to help smallholder farmers reduce losses, maximize productivity and increase their income.

Inside the pack

Discover the products, services and solutions that make up FarmerPack

GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter

Moisture testing is critical in ensuring that grains remain free from mold and aflatoxin contamination during and after harvest.

Our GrainMate Moisture Meter provides an effective and affordable way for farmers to accurately measure the moisture content of their grains during and after harvest.

ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag

Most losses in grains occur during storage due to the use of poor storage methods by smallholder farmers.

The ZeroFly Hermetic storage bag uses ground-breaking innovation to provide trouble-free grain storage for up to two years while protecting stored grain from mold and insect infestation.

Grain Drying Services

In the rainy season, sun drying alone is not sufficient in bringing the moisture content in grains low enough to be stored safely, often leading to increased risk of aflatoxin and mold build-up.

By providing drying services, smallholder farmers can quickly and conveniently dry their grains to an acceptable moisture level for long-term storage.

Grain Threshing Services

Threshing grains in many farming communities is very laborious exercise with manual threshing contributing to a big percentage of losses.

Our threshing services ensure that farmers can get their grains threshed in an efficient and timely manner, thus reducing drudgery and losses.

Warehousing Services

Most smallholder farmers have no access to suitable storage spaces. They are forced to sell their produce soon after harvest thereby missing out on extra income as commodity prices go up.

By providing warehousing services, farmers are able to keep their produce safe until they are ready to sell — increasing their income and profit in the process.

Market Access

Many farmers are unable to access premium markets and end up selling their harvest for cheap prices on the open market.

Through our AgroMarket platform, we are able to provide market access service for farmers and connect them to buyers who pay premium prices for quality grains.

This ensures that farmers reap the benefits of their hard work through increased income.

Post-harvest Management Training

Ensuring that farmers have the right knowledge is critical in helping them reduce post-harvest losses.

We train farmers enrolled in FarmerPack in different areas of post-harvest management and help them adopt the right practices to reduce losses and improve the quality of their grains.

An innovative model that makes FarmerPack accessible

Cash is a scarce commodity among smallholder farmer populations. Our flexible payment options allow farmers to exchange grains for FarmerPack solutions, making FarmerPack accessible for farmers who cannot afford to pay for the services. 

Support from our partners also allows us to subsidize the cost of FarmerPack services for farmers.

The FarmerPack Process

We work with our partners to identify farmer-based organizations (FBOs) and enroll farmers within the group into FarmerPack

How it works

  1. We identify, register and onboard farmers into FarmerPack
  2. Farmers receive training in post-harvest management and how to use the technologies included in the pack.
  3. Farmers receive products and services at different stages within the season.
  4. We provide market access and help farmers sell of their produce at premium prices.
  5. Farmers pay for the produces and services they receive from FarmerPack in cash or with part of their harvest.

What our farmers are saying

Christina Attah

Christina Atah

Maize farmer, Upper West, Lawra

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Bono-East Region-Yorke Afena

Mr. Afena Yorke

Maize farmer, Bono East Region

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Mr. Thomas Attakorah

Maize farmer, Ashanti Region

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