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Our range of technology-enabled solutions help agribusinesses reduce losses, increase productivity and earn more.

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Post-harvest losses, whether during the storage, transportation, marketing or processing of grains significantly impact the profits of agribusinesses; from commercial farmers, aggregators, feed producers and even warehouses. 

Fortunately, our technology-driven solutions can help agribusinesses reduce losses, maximize productivity and increase their income. 

From grain moisture testing solutions to warehouse monitoring solutions, even to a digital platform which helps agribusinesses buy and sell grains, we have solutions that work.

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GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter

Our award-winning GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter helps farmers, traders, warehouse operators and feed producers to easily measure the moisture content in their grains during harvest, after harvest and during storage.

For aggregators, using GrainMate can help you meet moisture standards from buyers and reduce the risk of rejected grains.

GrainMate Warehouse Monitor

Grains, while in storage can still absorb moisture from the atmosphere and become mouldy if the surrounding humidity and temperature is too high.

Our newly developed GrainMate Warehouse Monitor makes it easy to monitor the temperature and humidity of your warehouses.

With our accompanying mobile app, you can see the conditions in your warehouse even when you are not around and be alerted if your grains are at risk of getting mouldy so you can take action.


AgroMarket is a digital marketplace that lets anyone discover, buy and sell agricultural products.

Businesses that deal in agricultural products can create stores, add their products, find new potential buyers and make more sales.

Buyers can discover thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers, make orders and have their products delivered to them.   

ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag

For commercial farmers and feed producers, the ZeroFly Hermetic bag provides trouble-free storage for grains and other dry agricultural commodities for up to two years while protecting stored grain from mold and insect infestation.

Its ground-breaking technology, which incorporates an insecticide-infused outer layer, kills insect pests, including Maize Weevil and Larger Grain Borer without the need for fumigation.

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