Empowering African farmers with affordable technologies

Sesi Technologies develops affordable technologies to help African farmers and agribusinesses increase productivity and reduce losses

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What we do

For smallholder farmers

For smallholder grain farmers, we bundle proven post-harvest management technologies and other value-added services and make them available to farmers in a way they can afford through our innovative FarmerPack model.

We also help farmers access premium markets and earn more from their harvest so they can break the cycle of poverty.

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For Agribusinesses

For agribusiness such as commodity traders, aggregators, feed producers and food processing companies, we provide effective hardware and software technologies that help them measure grain quality, reduce post-harvest losses and increase productivity.

Our digital marketplace also helps aggregators and grain traders access new markets and find new suppliers.

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Introducing GrainMate

Discover GrainMate, a trusted brand of post-harvest management technologies proudly crafted and manufactured in Ghana.

GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter

Ensuring that grains are stored at the right moisture level is critical in reducing insect infestation and mould growth. With our GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter, anyone can easily measure the moisture content in their grains to make sure they are dry enough before storage.

GrainMate Warehouse Monitor Coming Soon

GrainMate Warehouse Monitor gives warehouse managers the ability to easily monitor the temperature and humidity of their warehouses and take action when needed. With the GrainMate app, managers can access intelligent warehouse climate reports from their phones even when they are away.

Get more from your GrainMate device with our app

Our GrainMate app lets our customers get more from their GrainMate devices. 

From the GrainMate app, users can track the moisture content in their grains, monitor their warehouses, access our growing collection of post-harvest management resources, manage their GrainMate devices, get quick customer support and more.

We’re impacting lives…

See how we are combining affordable technologies with post-harvest management training to make a big difference in the lives of farmers.