Empowering African farmers with affordable technology.

Sesi Technologies develops affordable technology to help African farmers increase productivity and minimizing losses.
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Local Tech Solutions for the African Farmer
We believe technology in the hands of farmers can make a BIG difference, so we have made it our mission to build affordable innovative technologies to help the African farmer increase productivity and maximize yield while minimizing losses.


Tech solutions built in Africa for the African farmer.


Local technology made affordable for the African farmer.

Easy to use

Technology made easy so ever farmer can use.

Our Products

GrainMate MT200 Grain Moisture Tester

GrainMate Grain Moisture Tester helps prevent post-harvest losses in grains by helping farmers accurately determine the exact moisture content in their grain crops before storage. 

Farmers can then use these readings to determine whether their grains are ready for storage or have to be dried some more. Doing this can help reduce from 20 – 40% to just 1 – 2%. It will also prevent the growth of aflatoxins which damage grains and are toxic to our health.

Helping to Create a Hunger-free future.

The statistics are alarming. By 2050 the world’s population will hit 9.7 billion. To be able to feed everyone, agricultural productivity will have to increase by 70%. We are committed to helping ensure a hunger-free future by empowering farmers with affordable technology to help increase productivity and minimize losses.

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