Empowering African farmers with affordable technologies

Sesi Technologies develops affordable technologies to help African farmers increase productivity and minimize losses. 

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Locally Developed Tech Solutions For African Farmers

We believe technology in the hands of farmers can make a BIG difference, so we have made it our mission to build affordable innovative technologies to help the African farmer increase productivity and maximize yield while minimizing losses.

Our mission is to help reduce poverty and hunger in Africa by leveraging technology to tackle some of the biggest problems across the Agriculture value chain.


We believe in home-grown technological solutions capable of addressing Africa’s agricultural needs.


We believe that technology should be affordable to the African smallholder farmer.

Easy to Use

We believe in simplifying even the most complex technologies and making them easy to use for farmers.

Impacting Lives, Creating Opportunities

  We are committed to helping fulfill the sustainable development goals of no poverty and zero hunger by empowering farmers with affordable technology to help increase productivity and minimize losses. In the process of achieving these goals, we are creating economic opportunities for many local businesses and providing decent work to many people.

Our Solutions

GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter

About GrainMate

GrainMate is grain moisture meter that helps farmers and business reduce post-harvest losses and aflatoxin contamination in grains by making it easy to measure the moisture content in grains before storage.

How Does GrainMate Help?

GrainMate ensures that farmers are storing grains at the right moisture content, helping to reduce post-harvest losses and aflatoxin contamination. Farmers also get to make more money by selling grains which would have otherwise been lost.

Who Can Use GrainMate?

Grain farmers can use GrainMate to measure moisture content in grains before storage to prevent contamination. Poultry farmers can use GrainMate to measure the moisture content in poultry feed to ensure birds get healthy feed. Grain drying companies can use GrainMate to make sure grains are dried and stored at the right moisture.

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