Protect your Harvest with ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag

ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag is the ultimate solution for long-term, pest-free storage of grains and other dry agricultural products such as maize, rice, soybean, sorghum, millet, cowpea, dry pepper and more.

The Ultimate Grain Storage Solution

ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag is the only storage bag that protects your post-harvest grains and seeds against both external and internal attacks.

Our groundbreaking innovation offers small and medium size farmers and traders trouble-free storage for up to two years by integrating two technologies.

ZeroFly Hermetic Storage bags comes with a hermetic inner layer that reduces the activity of insect pests already within grains until they become inactive.

It also comes with an insecticide-infused outer layer that kills insects trying to attack grains from outside the bag.

This keeps your stored grain safe and insect-free for up to two years and reduces the need to fumigate.


Benefits & Features of ZeroFly


Kills insects such as weevil and grain borers that are already in the grains and any insects trying to penetrate from the outside


Reduces pesticide residues commonly found in grain and seed and decreases risk of aflatoxin and mould build-up.


Proven to last for 2 years even under the toughest environments ­and can be reused for up to 4 planting seasons.

Environmentally Friendly

One bag does it all – no need to fumigate and use chemicals during storage.


Moisture and gas barrier properties to preserve quality of stored agricultural commodities

Double Layer

Inner hermetic layer and outer insecticide infused layer work together to keep grain safe

Multiple Sizes

ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag comes in two sizes, 50kg and 100kg to accommodate all your storage needs.

More than 1000 farmers and agribusinesses trust ZeroFly

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Choose the ZeroFly Hermetic Storage bag for a safe, effective, and durable storage solution.