Achieving SDG 2: A Collective Effort

Last updated: January 27, 2021

The world is rapidly becoming a small community of people; although with many differences, there is the increasing level of shared experiences. With one click of a mouse, many people in different parts of the world can experience the same things. Be it a class, a concert or a conference.

In the same way, global issues such as hunger should be considered a shared experience.

What you need to know about hunger

Currently, according to the World Food Program, 690 million people still go to bed on an empty stomach. This is a lot of people! And in the advent of COVID-19, these numbers have fast increased. This means we have a relatively huge amount of human capital that is not living up to its full potential, because they are hungry.

What we are doing to solve the problem

Eradicating hunger has proven to be a challenge of our time. A challenge that needs everyone on board. This is why Sesi Technologies has made it one of its missions to realize Sustainable Development Goal 2; Zero Hunger.

If people have the means, feeding themselves the right amount of daily food becomes possible. At Sesi Technologies, we provide affordable technology for grain farmers in Africa to aid them increase yield and reduce post-harvest losses. This is because grains are the most consumed food all over the world. Helping farmers reduce post-harvest loss of grains will increase their yield, give a longer storage life to the grains and hence earn more income. Which will be used to provide food for themselves and their families, reducing hunger.

How you can help

It is great to know that we are not alone in this cause. That you are willing to do your part to realize SDG 2. First, it is important to note that farmers in Africa either do not have easy access to or simply cannot afford the kind of technology that can aid them reduce post-harvest losses while increasing productivity. It will be of great benefit if collectively we can advocate for and create opportunities for African farmers to have access to technology that can help reduce post-harvest losses. This will go a long way to put money in their pockets and food on the tables for their families and themselves.

Stop Losing Money!

Are you a grain farmer, grain trader or agribusiness? Discover how our technologies can help you reduce post-harvest losses, maximize your productivity and increase your income.

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