Sesi Technologies Creating Opportunities For Local Businesses

December 18, 2018


One thing we are excited about is how the production of GrainMate is creating opportunities for local businesses as well. Currently, we have 5 local businesses which are involved with Sesi Technologies in one way or another.

A local electronics distribution company helps us source electronic components. A local bag maker makes our leather bags. A local designer designs and makes the cloth branding for the bags as well as all other branding materials. A local carpenter makes the handles for our probes. A local embedded systems engineer helps with the assembly and testing of GrainMate.

So far we have helped these 5 businesses generate about $6000 in extra revenue in total within the last 4 months. As our production capacity increases and our sales grow, we hope to create opportunities for more local businesses and generate even more revenue for the existing businesses we work with.

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