My Internship Experience at Sesi Technologies- Nalin Jayaswal

Last updated: September 3, 2021

My internship experience as a Product Development Intern at Sesi Technologies has been nothing short of amazing. It brings me immense pride and happiness to reflect upon my growth in these past two months with the team. In this blog post I share what my internship experience has been for the time I have been with Sesi Technologies.

How I Got Into Sesi Technologies

I have always been interested in Sustainable Development since I entered high school. The closely knit nature of Environment, Economics and Society attracted me towards this field, and led me to research about complex problems in India.

One of my focus areas was to help farmers save water, which is increasingly becoming a scarce resource. I created a device to help farmers give crops exactly the amount of irrigation they needed, which would solve the dual purpose of conserving water and boosting yield.

To increase my knowledge in this field, I attended the Young Leaders Digital Conference organized by Oxford University. Where I met Mr. Isaac Sesi who was presenting a talk on leadership. I was greatly inspired by his work and was surprised by the similarities our work shared. It was at that point that Mr. Sesi was kind enough to connect with me and take me into his wonderful organization.

My Overall Internship Experience

My role as a Product Development Intern involved researching about various agricultural practices in Ghana. Based on my research, I had to summarize data into fields based on agricultural characteristics. This included both raw data such as moisture and humidity. And more detail orientated information such as processes followed on the farm. My work was divided into covering one crop per week.

Challenges Encountered, Achievements And Lessons Learned

Initially, I faced a little difficulty in reading research papers but gradually I learnt the art of skimming through data and pinpointing relevant data. All these experiences helped me discover and explore facets of this field. Facets I never thought about while working on my own project.

Our weekly meetings were very short and crisp yet helped me understand the workings of a company. I especially found the system of giving recognitions through Assembly and organizing work on Trello very conducive. This is because it created a driven and fun work Environment.

This experience has truly been very insightful. I have taken away multiple lessons in time management, teamwork, and research. 


Apart from my learnings through research, I found the work environment of Sesi Technologies to be dynamic and supportive. Everyone was extremely welcoming and warm towards me, and never made me feel like an outsider. I am certain that this experience will aid in the further development of my efforts to help farmers in India and all over the world.

If you would like to intern with us, kindly visit this link to apply.

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