Introducing AgroMarket – A Digital Marketplace for all Agricultural Products

Last updated: March 12, 2021

On December 12, we launched our GrainMate App. In case you never got the chance to see it, check it out on YouTube.

The reason for developing the app was simple: We wanted to create a set of digital tools to help farmers and agribusinesses increase their productivity, learn about post-harvest management and find more customers. We also wanted to create an enhanced user experience and unlock more value for customers already using our GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter.
At launch, the app bundled three tools in one:

Measure, a tool that lets our GrainMate customers record the moisture content results after testing and get instant recommendations.
Learn, a tool that gave users access to a wide variety of educational content in post-harvest management.
Trade, a marketplace that lets anybody buy and sell agricultural products online.

Three months down the line, we have discovered that our marketplace is by far the most used tool among all 3 tools. More than 165 agribusinesses are using the GrainMate Market to find new customers.

Our goal is to create the best user experience possible for both buyers and sellers using the GrainMate Market. However, combining multiple tools in one app makes it difficult for us to achieve this, which is why we have decided to move the marketplace into an entirely separate application…and we have named it…… AgroMarket.

By moving the marketplace to a separate app, we’ll be able to enhance the user experience and build new and more exciting features faster. It will also make it easier for us to attract more buyers and sellers.

What is AgroMarket?

AgroMarket is a digital marketplace that lets anyone buy and sell agricultural products. Buyers can discover hundreds of vendors from all over Ghana and discover the best deals for a wide variety of agricultural products. Vendors can create stores, add their products, discover new potential buyers and make more sales.

We’re planning new and exciting features which we will be releasing in future updates.
AgroMarket is currently available for Android. Click here to download the app.

Do I Have to Create a New Account?

If you already have an account with the GrainMate app, then there’s no need to create a new account. Simply enter the phone number and password you used to register for GrainMate or easily reset your credentials if you have forgotten.

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