Dr. Paul Armstrong wins the “2021 The Andersons Cereals and Oilseeds Award of Excellence”

Last updated: April 7, 2021

Sesi Technologies is excited to announce that our advisor, Dr. Paul Armstrong has been selected as the “2021 The Andersons Cereals and Oilseeds Award of Excellence” recipient.

Since 1999, the NC-213 has recognized individuals or teams that have made superior contributions to science, education, and fields related to cereals and oilseeds, through The Andersons Cereals and Oilseeds Award of Excellence.

Many worthy nomination packets were received, and the Awards Committee thoroughly reviewed all packets deeming Dr. Armstrong’s to be outstanding in-depth, content, and history of research and work related to NC-213 activities.

About Dr. Paul Armstrong

Dr. Paul Armstrong is the Lead Scientist and Research Agricultural Engineer at the USDA-ARS center for grain and animal health research. He works on the development of non-destructive technology for the measurement and monitoring of grain attributes.

His work impacts many people around the world. Notable among them is his extensive research collaborations in the Philippines in the area of NIR spectroscopy. He also has many publications in the area of cereals and oilseeds in his name.

As the original developer of the GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter, Dr. Armstrong has played a very pivotal role in helping the meter move from research to commercialization through Sesi Technologies and continues to remain involved with Sesi Technologies till today as a technical advisor and mentor to both the leadership and engineering teams at Sesi Technologies. 

The Andersons Cereals and Oilseeds Award of Excellence

The Andersons Cereals and Oilseeds Award of Excellence was created by NC-213 in 1999. The award has always gone to research scientists who have a well-documented history of superior contributions to science and/or education, particularly in fields related to cereals and oilseeds. In addition, recipients are usually associated with a university, private industry, state, or federal agency.

As the norm, the winner of this award is announced during the annual NC-213 meeting. Thankfully this year, Dr. Paul Armstrong, a strong pillar of Sesi Technologies emerged as the recipient of the award.

What is NC-213?

The NC-213 is a multi-state research project. It is made up of researchers such as engineers, grain/food scientists, and economists from all over the USA. NC-213 provides an opportunity for team members and industry stakeholders to network and collaborate. In order to address specific engineering, scientific and economic issues associated with cereal crops, oilseeds, and processed coproducts

Congratulations, Dr. Armstrong

Sesi Technologies wishes to congratulate Dr. Armstrong on this remarkable feat. We are greatly indebted to him for his guidance, support, and mentoring and we continue our work in empowering farmers in Africa with affordable technologies to help them reduce losses, maximize productivity and increase their income.

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