Innovative Technologies Ensuring Food Safety in Ghana

Last updated: May 22, 2023
GrainMate GM103 and ZeroFly Hermetic Storage Bag

Food safety is defined as the handling, preparing, and storing of food in a way to best reduce the risk of individuals becoming sick from foodborne illnesses. As the world advances toward the age of full technological innovations, the food industry continues to take advantage of technology to improve food safety. In this article, we highlight two of the technologies that have had a significant impact on food safety in the post harvest value chain in Ghana.

The Post-harvest Value Chain

The food value chain, otherwise known as the FVC consists of all the various stages and processes food goes through before it reaches the final consumer. Some of these stages are; planting, harvesting, threshing, storage, transporting and processing, and packaging. Along this value chain, is the post-harvest value chain that consists of all activities that happen after harvesting. For example; threshing, drying and storing. And there are two significant technological solutions Ghanaian smallholder farmers are employing to manage the postharvest losses along the post-harvest value chain. These are;

GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter

GrainMate GM103

GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter is a device used to measure the moisture content of grains and cereals. It plays a critical role in ensuring the quality and safety of grains and cereals. Allowing farmers to easily assess and decide whether grains are ready for storage, processing, or consumption. 

High moisture levels in grains and cereals can make them susceptible to fungi and mold contamination, affecting the quality and causing a significant postharvest loss through grain spoilage. When smallholder grain farmers and food processors accurately measuring moisture levels with grain moisture meters, they can ensure that the food we consume is safe, wholesome, and of good quality.

The GrainMate grain moisture meter is used after harvesting, when drying and during storage.

Zerofly Hermetic Storage Bags

Zerofly Hermetic Storage Bags are technologically improved storage bags that help maintain the quality and safety of their contents. Smallholder grain farmers use Zerofly hermetic storage bags to store grains for as long as two years without fear of grain spoilage caused by fungi and weevil contamination.

These Bags are made with a single inner layer made of plastic and an outer part of polypropylene. This outer part of the bag is an insecticide made to keep out insects such as maize weevil, larger grain borer, khapra beetle, rice weevil, and other related pests. The hermetic storage bags are designed to provide an airtight, moisture-proof barrier, helping to preserve the freshness and quality of the grain. Hermetic storage bags help to prevent grain spoilage and contamination, reducing the risk of food safety issues and ensuring that the grain remains safe and wholesome for consumption. By providing a controlled storage environment, where insects cannot thrive.

The Zerofly Hermetic Storage Bag is used during storage to bag the grains and store them in a warehouse.

Take Away

Ensuring Food Safety is crucial in enhancing agriculture and sustainable food production. It also reduces economic loss by preventing foodborne diseases and saving lives. This makes Zerofly hermetic storage bags and GrainMate grain moisture meters important tools in ensuring food safety and quality, particularly for grains and cereals commodities. By continuing to invest in these and other technologies, the food industry can ensure that the food we consume is safe, wholesome, and free from harmful contaminants. Get in touch with us by clicking on 055 569 9870 for more enquiries.

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