Three Great Reasons Why You Should Go Into Maize Farming 

Last updated: August 24, 2021

There are many reasons why you should go into maize farming this year. Whether as a backyard farming hobby or a commercial one, the reasons abound. In this blog post, we touch on three great reasons why we believe you should go into maize production this year, that are tailored both for a backyard farm and a commercial one.

Why Maize?

Among all the grains, maize also known as corn comes top as the most widely cultivated and consumed grain. According to statistics from research experts, the worldwide production of corn reached 1,116.34 million metric tons. It is also a known fact that maize is the most consumed grain in Ghana. Hence the need to continue to produce more and more of it to feed ourselves and the rest of the world. So here are three reasons why you should consider maize farming this season.

Demand for Maize is Rising Rapidly

According to FAO, maize has seen a steady rise in demand over the last couple of years. However, COVID 19 has greatly affected the supply chain. The world going into a lockdown caused business activity to halt and further worsened the economic instability of the West African sub-region. This resulted in delayed planting and harvesting of crops, which then caused post-harvest losses and food wastage.

Apart from COVID 19, last year’s seasonal harvest was poor due to irregular rainfall patterns, so there was not enough to meet demand. Thus, this year’s season will serve as a correction, hence an increase in supply will be needed to meet existing demand.

There is also a strong demand for maize from the poultry industry for the purposes of poultry feed.

Prices for Maize are at an all-time high

It is a commonly known basic economics principle that an increase in demand causes prices to rise. As of June last year, the average price for a bag of maize was about ghc140 and in June this year, the price was around ghc230. This shows a 64% increase in the price of a bag of maize this year.

Cultivating maize whether as a backyard hobby or for commercial purposes will help correct the prices even as you either save money or make it.

Relatively Easy To Grow

Last but not least, maize is relatively easy to grow. No need to constantly water it as rainfall does a good job of irrigation. You also don’t need so much money to start unless you are growing for commercial purposes. Then you might need large acres of land.


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