Translation Kit

This translation kit gives you all the resources you need to translate the GrainMate PHL Grain Moisture Tester animation into another language.

The next section contains the actual Moisture Tester animation and the section below it contains detailed instructions for translation of the animation.

GrainMate PHL Moisture Meter Animation

This is the video you will be translating to the language that you have chosen.

Translation Instructions Animation

Watch this video to learn how to go about the whole translation process.

Translation Files

Download the translation kit you need to start translating the video.

The kit contains three files:

  1. A talent release waiver form that you have to sign allowing us to use your voice recording in the video and your name in the video (in the credits section).
  2. A translation script which will guide you to translate the video in small fragments. Please fill the translation script before you begin recording your voice.

If you have any problems at any point, you can watch the instruction video again or email us at  hello@sesitechnologies.com.

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