Know your soil, increase your yield

FarmSense provides farmers with important soil insights to enable them make data-driven decisions that increase yields and boost productivity.

Understand what’s going on in your soil

FarmSense gives you the most detailed soil quality data available so you can understand what’s going on in your soil. Get reports on a wide range of soil properties including NPK, pH, sulphur, zinc, calcium and dozens more.

Eliminate the guesswork in farming

You no longer need to guess what type and quantity of fertilizer your soil needs anymore. FarmSense provides you the insights you need, based on your specific soil profile, helping you get the right inputs for your farm..

Get advice from qualified experts

Get advice and recommendations from our agronomists and soil experts tailored to the specific soil profile of your fields. Know what your soil profile means, what crops will do best in your soil and what inputs you need to maximize yield..

Reduce the cost of farming

Reduce the cost of farming and increase your profits by knowing the right inputs to purchase for your farm

How it works

The FarmSense dashboard features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that lets you get started immediately.

Get started in 4 easy steps

  • Create a field and call it anything you want
  • Select the boundaries of your field on the map
  • Select any spot on your field and get detailed soil profile at any point in your field
  • Connect with our agronomists and soil experts and get input recommendations for your field

FarmSense integrates with iSDA Africa’s extensive soil database which has been developed using data from over 130,000 soil samples together with predictive machine learning technology.

Get insights on dozens of soil properties

Soil chemical properties

  • Extractable aluminium
  • Organic carbon
  • Total carbon
  • Effective cation exchange capacity
  • Total nitrogen
  • pH

    Soil nutrients

      • Extractable calcium
      • Extractable iron
      • Magnesium, extractable magnesium
      • Phosphorus, extractable phosphorus
      • Extractable potassium
      • Extractable sulphur
      • Extractable zinc

      Soil physical properties and landscape

      • Clay content
      • Depth to bedrock
      • Sand content
      • Silt content
      • Slope Angle
      • Stone content

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