Monitor Warehouse Conditions with Ease

GrainMate Warehouse Monitor makes it easy to monitor the temperature and humidity of your warehouses even when you’re not around.

Keep an eye on your stored grains, even when you’re not around!


 Grains, while in storage can still absorb moisture from the atmosphere and become mouldy if the surrounding humidity and temperature is too high. With the GrainMate Warehouse Monitor, you can keep an eye on the temperature and humidity conditions in your warehouses and be alerted when conditions change. 

Our warehouse monitor can even tell you if your grains risk getting mouldy or contaminated. With our accompanying mobile app, the GrainMate Warehouse Monitor lets you monitor your warehouse conditions even when you are not around.

Start monitoring your warehouse in 3 easy steps.

01. Install the GrainMate Warehouse Monitor in your warehouse.

02. Connect your device to the GrainMate app.

03. Start getting reports in realtime from the app

Features You’ll Love

Local LCD panel

Large LCD panel that displays local temperature and humidity readings for all sensors

Access data remotely

Uses IoT technology to enable you access readings remotely on your mobile device.

Connect multiple sensors

Comes with up to four sensor channels to monitor different sizes of warehouses

Customizable alerts

Set custom temperature and humidity thresholds and get alerts when those thresholds are exceeded.

Solar powered options

Solar-powered option with rechargeable battery for warehouses in remote areas

Smart moisture prediction

Know how the moisture in your stored grains changes based on the surrounding temperature and humidity.

Remotely monitor your warehouse from the GrainMate app

Connect your GrainMate Warehouse Monitor to your GrainMate app and monitor your warehouse temperature and humidity from your smartphone even when you’re not around.

Get alerts, analytics and control your monitor from your phone. You can even register your device moisture meter and get fast and efficient customer service right from the app.

Technology by African for Africans

GrainMate Warehouse monitor is proudly designed manufactured in Ghana. Support African innovation.

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