Measure Grain Moisture Content with Ease

GrainMate Grain Moisture Meter enables farmers, aggregators, feed producers and commodity traders to reduce losses making it easy for them to measure the moisture content in their grains.

Moisture Testing Made Easy

With GrainMate Moisture Meter, grain farmers, aggregators, commodity traders, feed producers and warehouse operators can measure the moisture content in their grains with ease.

Knowing whether your grains are well dried helps you reduce post-harvest losses and aflatoxins in your grains.

GrainMate can measure the moisture content of up to 7 different commodities including corn, rice, soyabeans, sorghum, millet, groundnut and wheat with more commodities on the way.


Take a moisture reading in 3 simple steps

01. Power the meter

Insert the probe into your grain sample (bag or heap) and power the meter.

02. Select grain type

Select the grain whose moisture content you want to measure.

03. Take a reading

Press the test button to take a reading and display the moisture content.

Features You’ll Love

Direct digital readout

Get a direct readout of moisture, temperature and humidity on the LCD screen

Adjustable grain calibration

Built-in calibration feature lets you adjust the calibration of each grain type


Lightweight and portable with handy carry-on bag for easy transportation

Easy to use

Simply insert the probe, select your grain type and test. No sampling, weighing or grinding needed

Battery operated

Uses just two AA batteries which are inexpensive and easily replaceable

Power saving mode

Intelligent power management algorithm that makes your battery last longer

Long rugged probe

Long, rugged aluminium sensor probe which lets you take readings even in deep bags

Audible alerts

In-built buzzer which gives audible alerts for improved user experience

Illuminated display

Backlit display makes it possible to use the meter at night or in low-light conditions

The moisture meter that comes with a mobile app!

GrainMate comes with a mobile app that lets you record your readings and get immediate recommendations. You can even register your moisture meter and get fast and efficient customer service right from the app.

Technology by Africans for Africans

GrainMate is proudly manufactured in Ghana. Support African innovation

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